Day 106 – Hudson, MA

Wednesday, 8/21/2019
Miles: 37.7
Average speed: 10.9 mph
Vertical gain: 2,224 ft.
Current Elevation: 263 ft.

Almost finished! Barring major disaster, I will reach the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow.

I am currently in a Holiday Inn Express in Hudson, Mass. Jennifer and Ronia are on their way here to pick me up for dinner. I am nearly overcome with emotion.

Today flew by.

Although I got caught in a bit of rain, I mostly lucked out with the weather again. I did get my booties on before the rain began, and the little bit of rain I got caught in, my feet stayed dry. After checking into the hotel, it rained a lot. Once again, I didn’t care.

The first 23 miles today were on Route 20, where the shoulder varied between generous and zero, but the scenery was unrelentingly dismal – strip malls, body shops, and so on, with lots of traffic. (To the credit of Google Maps, it did not want me to ride on Route 20, but I insisted. At this point, I was more interested in expediency than scenery.)

Lunch was a Clif Bar while sitting in the shade of an abandoned drive-in movie theater. I wasn’t really hungry, although I should have eaten more. While there, I called the hotel in Hudson and made a reservation. During the call, the sun disappeared and it started to rain, but only a few drops. Nonetheless, I took off my sun stuff. I did not put the booties on yet. That happened later.

Then Google Maps took me on back roads to the hotel, so the next 10 miles were really scenic.

The last few miles were on Route 62, which I will take tomorrow to Bedford.

The plan tomorrow is to arrive at the beginning of the bike path in Bedford, across from the Bikeway Source, at around 10:30. There I expect to be interviewed by local TV and the Bedford Citizen. Then it is off to Revere Beach, along with anyone else who wants to ride with me. So far, I think that is only Tom and Jerry. Hopefully, lunch will happen somewhere along the way. Depending on lunch, and what time we leave Bedford Depot, I expect to arrive at Revere Beach, via Revere Street, around 3:00.

On May 8, I stood on a Pacific Beach. Tomorrow, after nearly 3,900 miles of riding, I will stand on an Atlantic beach. It is hard for me to fathom!

I am ready to be home.

About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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3 Responses to Day 106 – Hudson, MA

  1. klandfors says:

    I am going to miss these blog posts, Dan. I think you need to turn back west and start pedaling to California after you visit revere beach 🙂

  2. Chuck Z says:

    Congratulations Dan, for a major achievement.

  3. The Padre says:

    I So Agree With KLANDFORS & Appreciate Chuck’s Comment. Shed The Tears & Ride Strong Tomorrow Brother Man. Can’t Thank You Enough For Taking The Longer Route Here In Colorado. And Many Thanx For ALL The Photos Along The Journey!!!


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