Day 101: New Paltz, NY

Friday, 8/16/2019
Miles: 50.1
Average speed: 10.6 mph!
Vertical gain: n.a. (felt like ~3,000′)
Current Elevation: 239 ft.

Although I’m eager for the trip to be over, it almost seems a shame, because I’m really starting to get the hang of this thing. A reasonably hilly 50-mile day today was just not a big problem (although I will readily admit that if there had been a major climb in the last 10 miles, it may have been a different story).

Of course, the elevation profile today was such that all the hard work was in the first third of the ride, and the rest was relatively easy, if far from flat. Even so, on a day with a lot of ups and downs, my average speed was in double digits. For the hills of New York (which are at least as tough as the hills of Pennsylvania), I’ll take that.

Breakfast was at the Perkins right next to the hotel. That may be the last Perkins on this trip, not sure.

Then, almost immediately, I bagged another state – New York, crossing over the Delaware River again, this time into Port Jervis, New York.

It was really beautiful riding, all day. There were a few navigational difficulties, perhaps due to the fact that my map of this section was bought seven years ago, and it seems like some of the names or numbers have changed. But, I made no serious wrong turns, and there was no going back the way I came by mistake.

In the photo above, you can see the Shawangunk Mountains. Climbers from all over come to the Gunks for world-class rock climbing.

For the third time on this trip, I replenished my supply of peanut butter. But the smallest quantity sold, even in a convenience store, is a 1-pound jar. I don’t need to carry one whole pound of peanut butter. And I don’t want to throw half a pound away. So I had the following conversation with the clerk at the convenience store:

Me: I have a very strange proposition for you. I’m going to remove half the peanut butter from this jar, with a spoon, and put it in my own container. Then I’m going to throw away the rest, unless you will take it.

She: Ok, I’ll take it.


Then at lunch, at Nick’s Pizza in Otisville, NY, I ordered a turkey sub. It was huge! So before I even touched the sandwich, I offered half of it to a fellow diner, who was apparently a regular here, and had just finished his “usual” meal. The lady behind the counter, Nick’s wife, wrapped up my half a sub, and my new friend had his dinner handed to him.

I hate to throw stuff out, especially perfectly good food.

When riding into New Paltz, I missed a turn, which turned out to be not a problem and very fortuitous, because I passed the Ulster County Fairgrounds, where something was going on. At first, I was afraid it might be the county fair, which would likely mean no hotel rooms available in town. But instead, it turned out to be a BBQ Ribfest. So I knew where I was going for dinner tonight.

After finding a hotel in New Paltz, a Hampton Inn, and taking a shower, I called a Lyft, and rode back out to the fairgrounds.

After paying the $5 admission fee, the first thing I had was a pickle! It was delish! Really salty and crunchy! That is the two proprietors behind me in the photo below. I had the garlic dill, then got a free one later, half sour, as a reward for posting this pic on Facebook. Win-win!

Then to satisfy my requirements for carbs, I had a bowl of mac and cheese. Another hit!

Finally, I had a rib dinner sampler, which consisted of four ribs, baked beans, and coleslaw. Along with a hand pressed strawberry lemonade, it made for a super wonderful meal. I hope I can ride tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I will cross the Hudson River, at Poughkeepsie, on a railroad bridge that has been has been converted to a footbridge. I remember it well from my ride seven years ago. I am planning on riding to Millerton, NY, a distance of 51 miles.

About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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