Days 95 & 96: Off days in Williamsport, PA

Saturday & Sunday, 8/10 – 11/2019

Miles: 0

In Williamsport, I stayed with brother Marvin and his wife Debbie, as usual. What was not usual was that from Saturday morning and all day Sunday, Marvin’s grandkids, and my great niece and nephew, also stayed with us. On Sunday morning, we were joined by the kids’ parents, Jason & Victoria.

It was really great getting to spend some quality time with my almost 5 year old nephew and my two-and-a-half-year-old niece (and their parents, as well). The kids are very precocious and way too cute! I think they liked playing with Uncle Danny!

Among the things I did in BillTown:

Had lunch again at Newberry Sub Shop on Saturday.

Visited with old friend Greg. He was going to ride with me, if I left Sunday morning. Since I extended my stay until Monday, that was not possible. Still, it was a very nice visit.

I visited with two old (both are in their 90’s), dear friends – Mrs. Wainger and Mrs. Simon. Both have known me forever. I had really good visits with both of them. It was also good to see Larry Simon, a kid I grew up with.

Marv took me and the kids to see some fainting goats. It was a fun outing, but the goats didn’t faint, which disappointed the kids.

On Sunday evening, Jason, Victoria, Ari, and I went to see a minor league ball game at Historic Bowman Field. It was a great night for baseball! Blue sky, warm weather, game started at 5:05, over by 7.

It was the local CrossCutters (a Phillies affiliate) versus the State College Spikes. I’m not sure, but I think it’s Double A. The local nine won, propelled by a grand slam early in the game.

The Little league World series is this week, in South Williamsport. As part of the festivities, there will be a major league baseball game at Bowman Field. Consequently, the field and stadium have been refurbished, and it looks really great. Keep in mind, MLB will be playing a real game in a stadium where the paid attendance at this sold out game was about 2,500.

Our seats were right behind home plate, five rows back. At any level of play, that’s a good place to sit. These tickets were actually won by some friends of Jason & Victoria, and so were free to us. I was told the most expensive seat in the place was $10 (for a minor league game)!

On Saturday afternoon, I took the opportunity to visit the cemetery where my parents are buried. It is a very sad ritual, which gives me great satisfaction. I miss them both, even after all these years, and think of them often.

For years I have looked forward to riding into Williamsport. On this trip, it loomed as a high point. It did not disappoint.

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A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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  1. zaydem says:

    Gert is 103 plus. Turns 104 in October.

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