Day 98: West Hazleton, PA

Tuesday, 8/13/2019
Miles: 40.8
Average speed: 9.4 mph
Vertical gain: n.a. 3,000 ft?
Current Elevation: 1,689 ft.

Today was as good as yesterday was bad. Similar distance, similar hills. Yesterday felt like my worst days in the Rockies, but today I crushed it. Very minimal dizziness, and way less walking than I expected.

Best of all, my weather luck is continuing! The Second Corollary of Dan’s Law of Sincere Intent says “If you put on booties when getting ready to ride in the morning, because it is raining outside, then the rain will stop before you actually ride.” This was certainly true today, and I didn’t get rained on all day! Not only that, but it was overcast and comfortable. I didn’t need any sun gear until after lunch, when I put on my sun hat.

I don’t know my vertical gain today because, once again, Strava messed up. Belts and suspenders.

Breakfast was at Perkins Pancake House, always a treat. I love traveling to Pennsylvania, if only because they have Perkins.

The ride out of Danville was beautiful, a narrow two-lane twisty road, fairly hilly, with a couple of long climbs and descents (1 to 3 miles).

For the first 10 miles or so, on my left was a steep forested hillside. On my right, down an embankment, was a railroad track. Next to that was a wide strip of river bottom forest, with a hiking trail running through it, parallel to the train track. Beyond that was the Susquehanna River.

At other times, I could look down to my right, down a steep embankment, and see a beautiful trout stream. The one pictured here was maybe 20 ft wide and a foot deep. You can see the bottom through the riffles and the current!

All of today, and tomorrow as well, my Adventure Cycling route is coincident with a Pennsylvania bicycling route. It makes navigation really easy.

Here is the map and vertical profile for the middle part of today’s ride.

From the Lost and Found department: I try really hard to check the room multiple times before I leave in the morning, as well as the table before I leave a restaurant. I did lose a baseball cap a month or two ago, probably at a restaurant, which I have since replaced. And just this past week, I lost my helmet cover, but I think that came off while I was riding, not left behind, although I don’t know that for sure. Maybe it will turn up yet.

This morning, I thought I left a somewhat important item back in the hotel room. In my handlebar bag, I carry a ziploc with a package of tissues and some poop bags, borrowed from Ernie. The hotel last night had a complimentary package of tissues, so I snagged that and put it in the ziplock. I thought I put it back in my handlebar bag, but when I stopped on the ride and looked for it, it was not there. Oh well, nothing to do but deal with the moment, and replace it later.

When I checked into my motel room tonight, and unpacked, I was thrilled to find the missing ziploc in my food sack.

On another topic, it’s really interesting how many small towns I have passed through which tout being the home of someone famous, or the birthplace of something or other. Who knew that Danville, PA, was the birthplace of the t-rail.

Now to top off this day, I am in a different Perkins, across the road from my motel, for dessert: caramel apple pie with ice cream. Yum yum!

It is also where I will likely eat breakfast tomorrow morning. How great is that!

Tomorrow looks to be a long day, about 60 miles to Delaware Water Gap. The weather looks a bit iffy, but I expect to ride no matter what.

About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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1 Response to Day 98: West Hazleton, PA

  1. rootchopper says:

    Well, you’ve been lapped. I met you east of Sapinero, CO. About a week later, I met two French women in a coffee shop in Boulder, UT. They were a couple of days behind you crossing Indiana and Ohio. Your route across Pennsylvania has been much hillier than theirs. They posted from Philadelphia yesterday. They have two days to go until they finish in NYC. Like you they are unstoppable. Keep rolling.

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