Day 76: Gas City, IN

Monday, 7/22/2019
Miles: 52.1
Average speed: 10.7 mph
Vertical gain: 976 ft.
Current Elevation: 856 ft.

Today was the first time in weeks when I was not warm enough outside of air conditioning.

The day started off really well. I left the motel at around 7:30, when it was 68°, sunny, and dry. As in, not humid. After last night’s major storm, the air was clear and everything looked clean.

I backtracked the 4 miles into Peru, where I had a delightful breakfast at Gabriel’s Pancake House, then visited an ATM for some cash.

Back on the Adventure Cycling route, the roads were once again unnumbered local roads, many without even painted lines. And no traffic.

I passed the Circus Hall of Fame on the way out of town. It was not open on Monday, but as I rode past, I kept looking at it on my left and behind me. Consequently, I missed a turn on my right, which I did not realize for another mile and a half. Unfortunately, that mile-and-a-half also included probably the steepest hill I’ve done since the middle of Iowa. Oh well, another 3 miles wasted.

Once back on the route, the riding remained beautiful, although it was getting a little bit hillier. It also started to darken a little bit, and never really warmed up much above the low 70s.

At some point mid-morning, I actually had to put on my windbreaker, because I was chilly. My white solar jersey does an amazingly effective job of cooling me in hot weather, because it wicks and evaporates so well. But that is a double edged sword. On cool days, it also cools me off.

Today, that combined with a few intermittent sprinkles, had me thoroughly damp and chilled by the time I stopped for lunch in the town of Converse. And, of course, the restaurant was refrigerated, so I was shivering by the time I left lunch, despite putting on a long sleeve shirt for lunch. It took me an hour or so to warm up after lunch. Fortunately, it got a bit sunny and warmer, although only a bit.

A paved bike path began in Converse, that changed names twice, eventually becoming the Cardinal Greenway, which I rode today for 17 miles, and expect to ride tomorrow for another 50. It was a very nice bike path, with lots of benches, covered bridges which contained benches and picnic tables, excellent signage, and wonderful scenery on both sides. Plus, of course, it was flat. There were very few people, no doubt because of the pissy weather and the fact that it was a Monday.

Today’s stint on the bike path ended in the town of Jonesboro, adjacent to Gas City. I had planned on going on to Muncie, another 25 miles, but decided instead to only do 50 miles today, rather than 75. So here I sit in a Super 8, very comfortable.

Tomorrow, I hope to make it all the way to Richmond, where I planned on being tomorrow anyways. Most of the day will be spent on the bike path. The weather looks to be a little bit warmer and sunnier than today. We’ll see how that goes.

About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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  1. The Padre says:

    Beautiful Trail System There – Ride Strong


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