Day 38: Johnson Village KOA

Friday, 6/14/2019
Miles: 25.9
Average speed: 9.6 mph
Vertical gain: 1,348 ft.

Despite being a short, relatively easy day, my legs and psyche just had no pop. I think it’s the after-effects of yesterday’s ride. There was no possibility of riding on to Fairplay today, as I suggested in yesterday’s post. Instead, I had lunch, then checked into the KOA here in Johnson Village.

I considered staying here two nights to recover, but after studying the map, and thinking it through, I will ride to Fairplay tomorrow. It will be a fairly stiff ride, going over Trout Creek Pass at 9,346 ft, but will be only 34 miles.

As I sit in my KOA campsite, writing this post, there are several hummingbirds flying around. It’s amazing! There are a few feeders hung at neighboring cabins, but I am seeing them in the trees and bushes near which I’m sitting, and hovering in the air 20 feet above the ground. Really interesting. Sorry, no photos of the birds, just this beautiful vista.

About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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2 Responses to Day 38: Johnson Village KOA

  1. Pavan and Ami says:

    Dan, we were at koa camp same night 14th. Stayed at one of the tent cabin. We realized you were there that morning after we left the camp. Congrats on passing monarch pass. I did cottonwood pass on 15th. I wish you good luck on your rest of the ride. Thanks ! Pavan n Ami.

    • Dan Hurwitz says:

      Too bad we missed! I walked around much of the campsite, but not near where you were.
      Thanks for the kind thoughts. Two more really big climbs, then down to the Plains!

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