Day 35: Gunnison

Tuesday, 6/11/2019
Miles: 27.0
Average speed: 11.8
Vertical gain: 1,149 ft.

Today was a short, pleasant day, despite not having any music for the second day in a row.

(Spoiler alert: I got the music working at the end of the day, with Jennifer’s help.)

The day started with a delicious breakfast. My new friend, Pavan, who cooked dinner last night along with his wife, Ami, made me an omelette, with potatoes and fried onions and sausage. It was excellent!

The riding today was pleasant, nothing too difficult. Although it was mostly uphill, it was another no-walk day.

For the first 20 miles, I wound around the reservoir that I camped next to last night. It was very scenic, with lots of boats and fishermen.

Then I rode upstream alongside the Gunnison River through the Gunnison River Canyon. The tail wind was so strong that it made really interesting ripples on the river, going against the current as it was. From my point of view, it was all good.

The shimmy of my bike was sort of bad today. So since it was a short day, and I had time, and it was a nice day, I stopped at a wide spot in the road to rebalance all my bags. While doing so, another bike tourist passed by and stopped. He was going the opposite direction as me. We chatted for a bit and traded notes about what to expect, and then he rode on. The shimmying seemed a little better after my rebalancing.

The first thing I did upon arrival in Gunnison was look for a bike shop. My shifting needed a little bit of a tweak. The first shop I stopped at was to swamped to help, but the helpful woman recommended a second nearby. So I rode over to All Sports Replay, where they squeezed me in and adjusted my bike while I waited. It seems much better now. As a bonus, I was even able to buy the extra pair of socks I was looking for (Darn Tough).

Then I got lunch at a Mexican restaurant, El Paraiso, which was really, really good. I sat outside, at a shady table. Sorry, no photos.

Finally, I checked into a the Western Motel, in Gunnison, where I am now. Then I did something I have rarely done on this ride: I took a nap. It felt so good.

After a shower, I played around with Spotify with no success. Then I called Jennifer, as I do almost every day, and we talked about it. Finally uninstalling and reinstalling the app solved the problem. I didn’t even lose my library. Whew! Music once again!

Tomorrow should not be too tough, although it will be 30 miles, all uphill. I’m hoping I won’t have to walk any of it.

The next day, however, is a big climb over Monarch Pass, at 11,312 ft. That will be my first real high pass of the trip. I can hardly wait, albeit with more than a little bit of apprehension.


About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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2 Responses to Day 35: Gunnison

  1. mikebahtcomcastnet says:

    Dan, I am reading your blog every day (or so)…great stuff. Keep it up and hopefully the climb over Monarch Pass will go well. – Mike

  2. rootchopper says:

    Dan, Great meeting you today. My blog is John

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