Day 34: Lake Fork State Campsite

Monday, 6/10/2019
Miles: 38.5
Average speed: 7.6 mph
Vertical gain: ??This was a dispiriting day. Although relatively short, I knew it was going to be a tough day, with two big climbs. That was not the problem.The problem was that my music stopped working, and I had to ride without. What a difference! And not in a good way.Also, for no good reason, I did not eat enough for lunch or snacks, even though I had enough food with me. Consequently, the second climb was really tough.For music, I use Spotify on my phone. It has worked reasonably well, up until now. I have downloaded a large number of albums and playlists. Recently, in the last few days, I have also downloaded a number of podcasts.Last night, for some unknown reason, my library disappeared. I had a very poor internet connection, which should not have mattered, since the downloaded content was local, but I ignored the issue, hoping it would resolve itself, as these things often do.No such luck. When I got ready to ride in the morning, I found that I still had no music on my phone. I tried logging out and logging back in, but that did not work either. I will have to resolve this once I have a good internet connection.It was a nice day, cool in the morning, pleasantly warm in the afternoon, with no hint or threat of rain.As you can see from the following screenshot, my day began with a long gradual climb, followed by a downhill and another big climb.The first climb was up to Cerro Summit. It topped out at 7,958 ft. Although it was 13.6 miles to the top and I did a fair amount of walking, it was not too bad.The second climb, to Blue Mesa Summit, seemed much tougher. I don’t know the elevation, but the climb itself was about 10 miles long and seemed interminable. I finally made the top and went down the other side.Between the first climb and the second, I stopped at a tiny little store and had a Klondike bar. That really hit the spot.I finally reached my destination, the Lake Fork campground, at around 5:25. It is a pretty sparse place, although it does have indoor bathrooms. It also has a coin-operated shower, but no change machine, so no shower for me. And with my Senior Pass, the campsite only cost $8.When I first arrived, I was befriended by a couple, an American woman, Ami, and Pavan, an Indian man. They invited me to dinner, if I liked Indian food. I gladly accepted.After we had set up our tents, they cooked some chicken dish and a flat bread (roti) on their 2-burner Coleman stove. It was incredibly delicious! Much better than peanut butter and crackers, which had been my dinner plan.We we hung out for a while around the campfire after dinner, and chatted. It was very pleasant.The night was chilly, and I was glad I had warm clothes.I finally got to see the Milky Way on this trip, when I got up to pee in the middle the night. It was beautiful.Tomorrow, I ride about 35 miles to Gunnison. There are no big climbs, and I’m hoping it will not be too tough of a day.

About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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