The Bike – Part 5: The frame is delivered

They promised delivery of the frame in 6 to 8 weeks.  It arrived in 4.  Good omen!

I love it!  Not sure if I would have preferred the shiny yellow over the matte yellow (which is what I have), but I love it.  The feel and craftsmanship is incredible!  Exactly as specified.

Hannah, at the Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, sent me an email Thursday night that my frame  was in and ready for pickup.  I was going to ride my bike to work on Friday, since the weather was favorable.  But I could not resist seeing my frame ASAP, so I drove to work instead and left a bit early to feed Ernie and pick up my frame.

It came in a box, packed with the fork, handlebar, handlebar stem, seat post, seat post clamp with threaded holes to attach the rear rack, and miscellaneous small parts.  (The seat post clamp shown in the photos below is replaced by the clamp with the mounting holes.) The Chris King headset is already installed.  The frame with headset weighs 1.34 kg (2 lb. 15 oz.).  The steel fork (made by Waterford Precision Cycles, out of Waterford, WI, which took over the old Schwinn Paramount factory and production) and steerer tube weighs 1.27 kg (1 lb. 13 oz.)


About Dan Hurwitz

A software guy taking the time for a big ride - coast to coast.
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